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Every Tumblr user ever
Me when I joined Tumblr: How do I start using this thing
Me now: How do I stop using this thing


"too vague" writes my English teacher on my essay

kind of like the instructions you gave us you piece of shit


You’re not leaving me behind, right?


You’re not leaving me behind, right?





Since we can’t be at SDCC this year, and you can’t be at SDCC this year, we figured there were two things we could do to help you. First - we will be curating the hell out of SDCC this year, like we did last, for your viewing pleasure!  And second … our inaugeral giveaway!

The Super (vicarious) SDCC Giveaway is themed around giving you what we can of the SDCC experience in the comfort of your own home.  And because this year appears to be the year of superheroes on tv & movies, we’ve dual-themed this to also be full of superhero goodness!

1) The Swag. Trust me, at SDCC there is a LOT of Swag. In fact, the lanyard in this prize covered with DC heroes & villians IS a piece of unused swag from a previous SDCC.  Plus buttons - you can never go wrong with buttons (especially with a handful of various marvel images)

2) The Artists’ Alley. Wandering artists’ alley is dangerous to your eyes - and your pocket book.  Fanart galore - so here we are giving you some supercute superhero fanart for your very own in the form of a variety of superhero fanart stickers!

3) The Merch: If the artists don’t get you, the vendors will.  Sticking with the superhero theme, and in the desperate hope SOMETHING WW will come out of DC soon, your very own Wonder Woman wallet for whatever money is left.

4) The Experience. There’s not much that can really give you the experience of being at SDCC, but this movie certainly tried.  So we have for you a DVD* (and because it’s SDCC AND Superhero themed … well … it’s not a superhero movie - or a con - without Stan Lee. So you can arrange your own cameo).

* DVD is Region 1 - sorry folks who can’t play that!


  • Be following socialnerdism (so you can follow all the SDCC awesome)
  • Reblog this post. BONUS ENTRY if you also reblog either of our con curation posts (1 & 2)but it’s not required.
  • That’s it!

Contest closes August 28th - giving you one month to recover from SDCC coverage before you can have your own SDCC party!

(and yes, you can also enter if you are making it to SDCC this year - we’ll not hold it not being truly vicarious for you against you - though if you are, let us know you’re going so we can follow you for SDCC news!)


  Hey!! So in celebration of 200+ followers I am doing an Attack on Titan themed giveaway, as it’s one of my favourite fandoms ^^

~Giveaway ends on August 24th and one winner will be chosen!!


☆ This is a giveaway for my followers only. So you have to be following me (Knightofarlert) to be entered in the giveaway.

☆ Only one reblog counts as an entry (no likes count).

☆ No giveaway blogs.

☆ Giveaway is international (worldwide).

☆ Your message box must be open so that if you win we can communicate and discuss shippings and sizes.

☆ If you win you have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

☆ Removal of this text will be counted as a disqualification.


☆ One Attack on Titan hoodie (Amazon)

☆ One Attack on Titan bracelet 

☆ Loads of goodies from Keep it Secret <3


So let’s do a small giveaway for no real reason whatsoever (that in no way has anything to do with me trying to dwindle down how much art supplies I have). I don’t have a lot of money but I do have a lot of art supplies I don’t use / have extra’s of. Please be advised as most of my art supplies…


~mishadoration’s 1500 follower giveaway~

(a.k.a the 'I have too much stuff I don't need' giveaway as well as the 'idk how to ship a life-size cardboard cutout of David Tennant out so I didn't put it in this giveaway' giveaway)


  • must be following this nerd
  • must like/reblog this post right here
  • one entry per person (sorry friends)


  • 1st place: ‘Dave Strider’ wig + blue wig extensions
  • 2nd place: black butler books + hetalia book and dvd
  • 3rd place: gryffindor scarf + steampunk goggles


  • goggles lack a strap but still have the slots you can put one through
  • the wig extensions are a bit staticy and if you want me to take the risk of straightening it to tame it a bit I will (no idea how heat resistant they are so). both wigs will be washed!
  • the scarf will be washed/defurred before delivery (bye bye cat hair)
  • the hetalia book is #2 and the DVD is #3
  • black butler books are the first three


TBD (probably towards the end of august depending on how many people reblog/like this)


Up for grabs is a $20 amazon gift card!

The only rules are that you must be following me and entries can be earned for every note you contribute (likes/reblogs). If you’re already following me, I’m going to automatically enter you into the drawing.

The winner will be chosen randomly. I’ll…